Dunvegan Highlander & Starstruck Artist…Together!

UsSo, we’ve decided to merge…

Star Struck Artist found her niche in the blog-o-sphere in the late summer of 2011 after some deliberation, insecure procrastination, and advice from others who thought she had it in her…but she only thought she found it! Now after wandering a galaxy of ifs and maybes, the Star Struck Artist has finally found her special star and will be blogging with him on the same site from now on. =)

Dunvegan Highlander began blogging in 2010 on his “Outer Hebrides” blog, hosted by the homeschoolers’ social network experiment JibeNow, brainchild of Paul Hastings. Since the closing of JibeNow, he has been known as the Castaway Sojourner and has a history of being an online nomad. But here, where he has settled down with the girl of his dreams, wanderings have finally ceased-the “Castaway Sojourner” is home.

Together forever!



3 thoughts on “Dunvegan Highlander & Starstruck Artist…Together!

  1. HEY Dunvegan! Good to see you again! So, ehem. Does this mean what it looks like? if so CONGRATS! if not, um. That was just really awkward… sorry ’bout that. 🙂

  2. I feel really late in this (just found this now!) but congrats! 😀 That’s very exciting!
    And not to copy Annie, but good to ‘see’ you ’round! 🙂
    In Christ,

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